FRECCLES - Friends of Eccles Station

FRECCLES - Current Priorities

FRECCLES and FrOPS have drawn up the following prioritised list of aspirations for Eccles and Patricroft train services, for implementation from December 2014 onwards. These aspirations were presented to Transport for Greater Manchester at a meeting for Rail User Groups in February 2014; we wait to see how vigorously TfGM will pursue them.

  1. A train every 30 minutes throughout the day
  2. An hourly Sunday service for Patricroft
  3. An hourly weekday service from Eccles to Piccadilly & Manchester Airport
  4. A direct hourly service to Chester & North Wales
  5. Build platforms at Salford Central station so Eccles to Victoria trains can stop there
  6. A direct service from Eccles to London and Bradford, as proposed by Alliance Rail