FRECCLES - Friends of Eccles Station

Eccles Station - Heritage Posters

During 2010 Freccles heritage group has worked with BTEC Art and Design students from Salford City College, Eccles Sixth Form Centre, to produce a series of posters illustrating the history of the Station in the Community. The 3 posters covering the early history of the station, from 1830 to the 1860s can currently be seen on the Manchester platform, whilst the final 3 covering the period from 1880 to the present are located on the Liverpool platform wall.

Freccles members carried out research to produce the text and some of the images for this display, using resources ranging from catalogued archives such including those of the National Rail Museum in York and Salford Local History Library, to the reminiscences of local residents. The students provided the creativity, skills and imagination to put our research into a series of visual contexts, which reflect the changing styles of the past 180 years.

Here are pictures and the subjects of the 6 posters. Click on the thumbnail pictures for larger versions, which will each open in a new zoomable window. All pictures are copyright Salford City College and Freccles.

Heritage Poster No. 1 The Cutting Edge of Technology

- the opening of the Liverpool/Manchester railway in 1830

Heritage Poster No. 2 Exciting but Dangerous

- the fatal accident at the opening of the line

Heritage Poster No. 3 Where's my Train?

- expansion in the 1860s

Heritage Poster No. 4 The Finest on the LIne

- the "new" station built in 1881

Heritage Poster No. 5 All up in Smoke

- memories from the 1950s and 60s and the destruction of the buildings by fire

Heritage Poster No. 6 Rising from the Ashes

- what the future may bring

Eccles Sixth Form Centre students and staff with Freccles members at Eccles Station

Eccles Sixth Form Centre students and staff with Freccles members at Eccles Station

Freccles would like to thank the students and staff at Eccles Sixth Form Centre for their support and commitment to this project. It would not have been possible without their effort and enthusiasm.