FRECCLES - Friends of Eccles Station

Eccles Station - Passenger Count Analysis 2012

1) Total Passenger Numbers Recorded (2011 figures in brackets)

Manchester Bound Alight 84 (90)
Board 191 (167)
Liverpool Bound Alight 172 (158)
Board 85 (91)
TOTAL 532 (506)

NB The figures for 2011 have been adjusted to cover the same number of trains as counted this year to allow direct comparisons to be made.

At 532, the total number of passengers recorded shows an increase of 5.1% on the previous year.

While this is a smaller percentage increase than that recorded in 2011(17%), it surely represents satisfactory progress given the recession in the North-West.

2) Trends

Passengers travelling to and from Liverpool show a decline of 6.6%. Passengers travelling to and from Manchester show an increase of 11.7%

12 cycle movements were noted - the vast majority belonging to passengers arriving in Eccles from the Liverpool direction in the morning and returning to Liverpool later in the day. Discussions with station users over the day, revealed several respondents who said they would use the cycle lockers once installed and a widespread endorsement by passengers of the concept of the lockers. Taken with the number of cycles recorded, this would seem to point to cycle use being a significant factor for the station.

Only 2 pram/buggy movements were recorded.