FRECCLES - Friends of Eccles Station

New Artwork for Eccles Station

August 2018

The Liverpool platform has a new series of artworks, designed by BTEC Art and Design students at the Pendleton Centre of Salford City College. The students were asked to produce images to reflect how they see Eccles today, and the results are stunning. The work replaces the original banner produced in 2009 by Art and Design students at Eccles Sixth Form College, which did us proud until it fell victim to the elements.

The new work is printed on di-bond, a much more durable material which will not lose its colour, so the new panels – complete with our own contribution to Manchester’s bees – will brighten up the station for many years. The old banner, designed to show Eccles’ heritage is not lost, as it has been reproduced as one of the six new panels.

Our thanks go to students and staff at Pendleton centre for their work, to Northern Rail and TFGM for financial support and to Network Rail for installation of the panels.

Images of the new panels are shown below.